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ChoCafe plantation is located in the community of El Caño, Uvero Alto Road, Macao. The plantation is ½ an hour from most hotels in the area. It presents 500 square meters of different plants, especially coffee and cocoa, besides Tobacco, pineapple, sugarcane , papaya, plantains, Corn and others. The walk starts with a visit to the typical house, with the guide explain how they live, a walk through the areas and how they prepare their meals in a firewood stove.

After this this visit we will continue with a walk along a path inside the plantation, which by its nature, sunlight can barely penetrate. We then stop at coffee spot where your guide will explain the whole roasting process and will offer tasting. We will continue along the path of the plantation and reach to the stop of the manufacture of MamaJuana.Here the Guide explains which plants are used in the manufacture and the whole process for the preparation of Mama Juana.

Continue thru the trail in the plantation and stop at the Coconut Oil preparation spot. Your guide explains the process of extraction and preparation. At this Stop, you will have free time to use bathrooms, see a “Comején” honeycomb (it is an insect that eats farm houses and other wood buildings). Continue your walk until you reach at the sugarcane, one of the most important production of the Dominican Republic economy. Your guide will explain the importance of this plant and the products that derive from it. Tasting included.


Your guide will continue with the demonstrations and will show you to an activity that only we offer: A Butterfly garden, where you will see some of the endemic D.R. butterflies (Papilo Cebra and Lemon). Their reproduction , larvae and worms on display. In addition, a brief summary of the Mirabal sisters and their honor book “In the Time of the Butterflies”. Continuing your walk, your guide will explain about the vanilla plant and a little of its history and attributes.

Arriving near the end of the entire route of ChoCafe Plantation, you will be explained of the process and preparation of tobacco, leaf types and flavors. You will follow a trail between papayas, corn, bananas, sugar cane and other plants and will stop at the History of Chocolate. Your Guide will tell the history of cocoa from its origins until today and will explain the cacao bean process and it nutritional and healing qualities, derivatives such as tea, chocolate, chocolate bars and others, tasting included.
You will end your ChoCafe plantation tour at our grocery store where we offer different organic products at very affordable prices. Here you will have the opportunity to taste Mama Juana, pineapple wine, chocolate. Your plantation tour ends with soft drinks, water, etc, sitting in the yard enjoying fresh air and the view of our garden with butterflies and fruits.


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