Adventure and Culture of the Dominican Republic
Why Not-Country Adventure Safaris Was founded in 2002. Our idea was to provide a sightseeing tour of the countryside of the Dominican Republic, so our clients can enjoy the rich culture and beautiful landscaping this island has to offer. Go where the tour buses can’t as you enter the depths of the island to explore the unspoiled Dominican countryside. Sit back and enjoy the breathtaking landscape as we travel off the beaten track in Bavaro - Punta Cana. Visit small colorful villages and see how the local people live.

Take a journey through the lush green countryside where you'll experience the Dominican day by day. Our professional guides will show you this wonderful island's culture and history. Experience the real Dominican hospitality as you visit local schools and homes and learn about the production of coconut oil, sugar cane, coffee and Chocolate. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or an enthusiast, take some time to taste the locally brewed Dominican coffee, learn how the Cocoa bean is processed into chocolate bars. Two of the country's most famous products. A visit to the paradisiacal Macao Beach is also included in the tour, where you won’t leave anything but your footprints, won’t take anything but your memories.
Our products are a must for those wanting to see another side of the Dominican Republic away from the beautiful white sandy beaches and sun beds; this is your chance to really get back to nature and go on a different kind eco-adventure.



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